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Born and raised in Iceland, Berglind did most of her studies in the USA. She discovered her love for photography at an early age. With a camera in her hand Berglind would document everyday events in her life from the age of 10 while living in Miami Beach with her family. At the age of 19 she embarked on an adventurous 3 month journey to Nepal, India and Thailand and she returned with countless films documenting her trip and the lives of the people who captured her heart.

Berglind studied photography in the United States. She had taken one year off from medical school to take care of her newborn son but by then there was no return. Since graduating Berglind has participated in numerous group shows and has held nine solo shows. Her love for architecture and design has influenced her to mainly create work for the modern home. Berglind was recently awarded a grant to work on a photography book on Icelandic women. She has also just finished three picture books on Iceland for children, I Love Iceland, The Icelandic Animals and That was Then and This is Now.